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Discrimination!!!What’s that?

Discrimination occurs when, in the same situation, one person is treated differently from another.

Par exemple :

  • You are refused housing because you are of foreign origin or because you have income from the CPAS, etc.
  • A school refuses to enroll your child because he has foreign nationality,
  • You are denied a job for which you are competent because you are a woman,

The Law of 10 May 2007 determines 19 criteria protected by law on the basis of which a person cannot be discriminated against. You will find the list on the website:


The law is applied in all areas of society such as:

  • Employment,
  • Teaching,
  • Goods & services (housing, access to certain places or services such as amusement parks, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.),
  • Public services,
  • The Police and Justice,
  • Media (newspapers, television, social networks),

I have been a victim of violence or discrimination.

Que faire ?

If you believe you are the victim of discriminatory behaviour on the basis of nationality, alleged race, skin colour, ancestry (being Jewish or Jewish), national or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, age, wealth (type of financial means), state of health, religious or philosophical belief, birth, physical or genetic characteristic, political conviction, trade union conviction, civil status or social origin, contact: Unia: the interfederal centre for equal opportunities and the fight against discrimination. This service is responsible for enforcing the law listed above. All his opinions, advice and interventions are free of charge.

Toll-free: 0800/12.800

An online form: https://www.signalement.unia.be/fr/signale-le/ou

The CAI : 081 71 35 12

If you are a victim of violence, without being sure if it is related to any of the above criteria, go to the police to file a complaint:

The police (take over the police zones) https://www.gouverneurnamur.be/sites/default/files/documents/prevention/folder_cambriolage.pdf

If you would like information about the violence of which you have been a victim, do not hesitate to contact:

Victim Support Service:  http://www.victimes.cfwb.be/ou-trouver-aide/

It is not mandatory to file a complaint in the police station of his home, they are all competent. On the other hand you can also send a letter to the

Namur Public Prosecutor’s Office: Place du Palais de Justice 4 5000 NAMUR Tel.: 081 25 17 11

Dinant Division: Place du Palais de Justice 6 5500 DINANT Tel.: 082 21 18 11

I was a victim of police violence.

Qui contacter ?

Contact the Police Control Committee https://comitep.be/index.html 

The Police Control Committee is an independent service responsible for monitoring the malfunctions of the police in each police station.  

Information and advice

Police watch (02/731 33 13 + https://policewatch.be/page/premier_reflexes)  

Youth Law and Youth Information Service, General Delegate for Children’s Rights If you are a minor or for a minor (under 18 years old) 

I need legal information or support.

Qui contacter ?

Contact one of these offices to find the nearest help.  


Rue En Rhée, 31-33
B-5500 Dinant 

+32 82 22 97 59 


Courthouse Courthouse Square, 4
B-5000 Namur

+32 81 25 17 25 

I need in-depth legal advice.

Qui contacter ?


Maison de l’Avocat
Rue En Rhée, 31-33
B-5500 Dinant

+32 82 22 97 59
Permanence every Friday from 13h30 to 15h 


Palais de Justice
Place du Palais de Justice
B-5000 Namur

+32 81 22 64 85
Permanence on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11am to 12pm 

I am a victim of human trafficking or smuggling.

Any person of foreign nationality in precarious or illegal residence, victim of exploitation by work or prostitution, can be taken care of by one of these three specialized associations under specific conditions:

Institutions spécialisées

Surya asbl

Site: https://asblsurya.org/fr/

Rue Rouveroy 2 4000 Liège

Tel.: 04/232.40.30 24/7

Mail: info@asblsurya.be


Site: https://pag-asa.be/

Phone: 02 511 64 64 24/7

Mail: info@pag-asa.be


Site: https://www.payoke.be/

Phone : 03 233 23 24

Mail: admin@payoke.be

You can benefit from legal aid from Myria, a federal public service specialising in the rights of foreigners www.myria.be


Je ne comprends pas, j'ai besoin d'aide...

An intercultural accompanist from the CAI
can help you in your efforts.

In case of emergency:

In case of fire or medical emergency call the number 100 for ambulance and firefighters

In case of burglary, physical assault to call 101 for the police

ILI who do this accompaniment ??

See to put the mediation services in housing, school, family mediations