Welcome to our website “Guide for migrants in the province of Namur”.
Below you will find the different services at your disposal.

Learning French
Settling in the province of Namur
Administrative, social and legal support in the law of foreigners 
Food and material aid
Treat yourself
Employment and training
Social, cultural and sporting life

You are a foreign migrant in Belgium recently and you need help?
You’ve come to the right place! By browsing our site, you should find partners who can help you! If you do not find the information you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact the Reception Desk near you.

A guide, Why?

The “Migrant Guide” website, developed in the province of Luxembourg and then published in the province of Namur, is a directory published by the CAI in collaboration with all its partners.

Our desire through this tool is to allow any migrant recently arrived in the province of Namur to find the right people to turn to. Our ambition is also to strengthen the visibility of Namur actors as well as the networking of all active partners with a migrant audience.

This website is above all a practical and concrete tool. Partners are classified by theme and can appear in several separate sections. For each partner, contact details are provided.

Concerned about respect and inclusion and all, we strive to use inclusive writing in all of our tools. However, on this site, for pragmatic and technical reasons, we have made the decision not to do so. Indeed, we want to make this tool as accessible as possible for the public who do not always master the French language well. In addition, we use automatic programs to translate content into a significant variety of languages and are concerned that the specific punctuations used in inclusive writing will hinder this process. Thank you in advance for your understanding.