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Integration path

What is the integration process ? Who is the integration journey for?


The Integration Pathway is a program for foreigners or Belgians, of foreign origin, residing in the Walloon Region. It is mandatory for so-called "newcomers", that is to say adults, in possession of a residence permit of more than 3 months, and less than 3 years. Exceptions exist (for more information, you can contact the CAI). The persons concerned by the obligation are informed by their municipal administration at the time of ordering their first residence permit. Any other person wishing to complete the integration process or having questions can come to the CAI by appointment.

This journey includes several stages and will depend on your needs.

Your journey will include:

  • citizenship training (mandatory for all);
  • French language training (depending on your level);
  • personalized support for your socio-professional integration.

The maximum duration to complete this course is 18 months.

Who can accompany me in the integration process in the province of Namur?

The CAI accompanies you in your integration journey with a personalized welcome that will include:

  • A social orientation assessment: assessment of knowledge (French language, vocational training, diplomas, …), your personal and professional expectations,
  • Global support throughout your integration process,
  • Orientation to training and social and legal support operators, according to your needs,
  • Assistance in completing your administrative procedures to enable you to respond quickly to all your obligations and to benefit from fundamental rights (access to housing, health care, schooling, etc.).

Les accompagnateurs interculturels du CAI Namur

Bureau d'accueilContact Accompagnateur CAIE-mailTéléphone
AndenneRosette FEZARosette0485 21 90 15
BeauraingArmand NYOUNGArmand0485 21 90 12
CineySouleyman ABBASouleyman0485 21 90 17
DinantSouleyman ABBASouleyman0485 21 90 17
GemblouxRahmi GURSEVERRahmi0485 21 90 19
NamurAccompagnement sur rdvAccompagnement081 71 35 18
PhilippevilleArmand NYOUNGArmand0485 21 90 12
SambrevilleRahmi GURSEVERRahmi0485 21 90 19